Sketches, short and fun projects

This section is reserved for smaller projects, tryouts and other things I like to share.


Figuring out which style to use for all lettering parts of 2018’s greeting card, I initially sketched this blackletter word. Since I wanted something more unconventional, I went for a “straight lines only”-solution. Concave stems make the word less hard and more friendly. 

Event keyvisual

At one of our bi-monthly gatherings “Typostammtisch” we had russian type and lettering designer Maria Doreuli visiting and showing her work. To announce the event and for signage on location, I drew this sign by hand. Within the word “Typostamm”, I combined latin and cyrillic letters having the same pronounciation.

Shirt Design


Custom lettering on shirt saying «good» on the front and «good as well» on the back. Deriving from difficulties of some people – often with the zodiacal sign «libra» 😉 – to take a decision. Above all, this shirt is meant to express a good mood.

Lettering draft


This is a sketch I did a while ago for signage in a zoo. Rather than showing animals in the design, I represented them through an abstract drawing of their different furs.