Do we really need any new typefaces?

In times of retina displays, is hinting still needed?

What’s the potential of variable fonts?

Let’s talk about Type!

I am offering trainings, workshops and presentations on type-related subjects, for example:

  • fonts on screen, in web

  • microtypography

  • finding and choosing the right typeface

  • characteristic of typefaces

Typostammtisch Zürich

Since 2013, I am organising the “Typostammtisch” together with Roland Dill. The aim of this bimonthly gathering is connecting with type-interested people and sharing thoughts, sketches, visions etc. Since 2016, we’re having a different guest each time giving a short presentation.

more about Typostammtisch Zürich here

Probably the best way of spending an evening in Zurich …