editorial design


Documentation of the thesis process. Sketches, proofs, research, specimen. see Allonghata typeface 164 pages, hand bound flocked book jacket Date: summer 2012
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Shaping Text is a book about the principles of typographic design. It covers historical aspects, design trends, practical tips and much more. I had the honour of assisting the author Jan Middendorp and getting an insight in all the aspects of publishing a (didactic) book. Titel: Shaping Text Author: Jan Middendorp Publisher: BIS Publishers available since 2012 in english and dutch
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The »Hermannshof« is a former factory building in Berlin and home of nine shared flats. 5 to 17 people live in self-built appartements. All living under the same roof, they developed different organisation systems to deal with daily tasks such as cleaning, cooking, storing, communicating etc. 68 pages, softcover DVD with sound, panoramic view and animation HTW Berlin
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Small booklet presenting the Modono typefamily. see Modono
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5 × 100

Information design A collection of visual information (-overload) in 5 different streets in Berlin. Various aspects like colour, panel- and typesize, material and content leed to very different visual languages and atmospheres in those streets.
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