Corporate Design


Custom lettering inspired by italian typedesign from the 1930s. Visual identity for a small italian bistro in Berlin. The interior is charming and almost completely self-made. Picking up this quality, a stamp was produced enabling the client to print his business and menu cards in a direct and cost saving way. Imperfection leads to authenticity.
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Package Branding for fruit liquors. inspired by the visual language of chemistry and pharmacy products. revision custom type, final arts Design direction: Thomas Lehner, Berlin Photographs:  Tanja Kapahnke, Berlin Font: Studio Reizundrisiko, CH-Berneck Copywriting: Julius Weiss, CH-Bern
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logotype for programmer/photographer Jan (Zett) Zimmermann The two disciplines are represented by two parts of the logo: organic, friendly, soft letters as a reference to the personal view of a photographer and constructed, precise, mechanical letters referring to the main competency: programming. The two proficiencies are interacting and shaping the whole identity.   xyzett website
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Development of a Corporate Design and labelling system for an independent beekeeper. Referring to the bees collecting pollen, the whole background as well as the lettering are completely composed of colour spots. The spots are randomly distributed over the whole printing sheet on the background layer. The outcome of this is that all the labels on one printing sheet are unique – like the honey is slightly different al
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